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I just joined this group and as a way of introducing myself, I'll fill out this little diddy right here! :)

Name: Inali

State or Country where you live: Florida :)

Do you presently do body-work full or part-time or are you in school, about to attend etc ?
That's hard to answer. Is full time putting in 8-5? ;) I do body work whenever I or someone or something needs it. :)

How many years practicing? I have been practicing Reiki all of my life but if we're going to get technical, I just got my Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher certification this past Sunday.

Does your area require licensing or certification? (if so, number of hours) As for the number of hours, I am not sure. My teacher never said anything about a number of hours but Florida does require that all Reiki practitioners be certified to legally practice.

What kind of body-worker do you consider yourself (general title) ? Reiki Practitioner.

Degrees, Certifications, License if any ? Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher (RMP & RMT).

Member of any organizations ? PETA.

Modalities used: Usui Reiki and my own little snazzy technique I came up with. Chakra work. I also use Quantum Touch.

Name of school(s) (if applicable)? My school had a name? Bah.. it's on my certification but I'm not going to go grab it and look. :P I always called it "I'm going to go see Barbara now!" and out the door I'd go.

Types of body-work you are interested in learning about? Possibly Karuna. Definately Hana. Z-Point. TAT. Herbology. Acupressure.

Do you now or are you interested in billing Insurance ? For what?

What drew you to body-work? I stated my purpose of being a "healer" when I was 3. I only put "healer" in quotations because Spirit is healing, the healee is the healer, I am simply the channel. I take no credit for anything.

Where do you do your work ie. private homes, your home, medical office/health center, spa, other ? I work from home as a Medical Transcriptionist and a freelance artist. Basically I do Reiki on people whenever the opportunity presents itself. Usually a friend will come up to me and go "I HAVE A HEADACHE! FIX IT!" or I'll do Reiki on my parents, cat, fish, trees, whatever I can or myself. I am going to be volunteering at a health center soon.

Do you consider your work's focus more on healing injuries, relaxation/pampering, emotional, or spiritual work ? All.

Do you use tools, crystals, stones, water, aromatherapy, bach flower essenses etc ? Whatever the client wishes. Personally, I love using all of them! It really helps me get my groove on plus I love using the Usui and Karuna symbols!

Other areas of interest/hobbies : Astronomy, animal rights, civil rights, women's rights, vegetarianism, herbology, furry, art, painting, I'm writing a novel series and illustrating it, sculpting... I really have far too many interests to list them. :)

Any other comments, tidbits about yourself or questions that you think might be added here ? Lessee. I'm a 24 year old female living in Florida. My mother has been bedridden with Lupus since I was a small child which may be part of my drive to help heal others. I absolutely LOVE doing Reiki on plants. I'm an animal communicator... sometimes. :) I'm a tree hugging, barefoot, vegetarian, overly-spiritual-according-to-her-friends, creative, artist hippy that was born 20 years too late!

So, that's me. :)
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