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Even though it's looks as if this community is slow to the point of dead, I thought I might drop a line. Just on the off chance that I maybe find other practitioners to share info and stuff with. :)

Name: Melissa

State or Country where you live: New England.

Do you presently do body-work full or part-time or are you in school, about to attend etc ? At the moment, I'm just restarting practicing reiki on my friends.

How many years practicing ? Officially, I've been a Reiki master for roughly 4 years now. Unofficially all of my life.

Does your area require licensing or certification? (if so, number of hours) At this time, Reiki is not regulated in NH.

What kind of body-worker do you consider yourself (general title) ? Energy healer.

Degrees, Certifications, License if any ? Master level Usui Reiki and Master lever Run Valdr.

Member of any organizations ? No.

Modalities used: Usui Reiki, Run Valdr.

Name of school(s) (if applicable)? N/A

Types of body-work you are interested in learning about? Any new knowledge is good.

Do you now or are you interested in billing Insurance ? Never thought about it.

What drew you to body-work? *laughing* According to my mother, I started as an energy healer at about the age of 2. I can't say as I was drawn to it, as it was just something I've always done. I didn't even know it had a name until a few years ago.

Where do you do your work ie. private homes, your home, medical office/health center, spa, other ? At the moment I travel to the people I'm working on, as I've just restarted practicing again. For a while I was working out of my home and travelling, though.

Do you consider your work's focus more on healing injuries, relaxation/pampering, emotional, or spiritual work ? Does all of the above count? When any of these are out of balance, the rest suffer for it.

Do you use tools, crystals, stones, water, aromatherapy, bach flower essenses etc ? Yes. Whatever the particular person's needs are. I rely heavily on intuition for what is necessary.

Other areas of interest/hobbies : Massage, aromatherapy, flower essences, gemstone therapy, naturopathy, nutrition, meditation, yoga, etc.

Any other comments, tidbits about yourself or questions that you think might be added here ? I can't really think of much at the moment. If I do, I'll post it later. :)
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