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holy cow!

I did a search for reiki as an interest and came across this site. the reason it entertains me as it does is that hands of light is the name of the reiki and massage group i've been running for a few years. weee.

Name: Neacail Stewart

State or Country where you live: I live in Eugene oregon in the united states of america.

Do you presently do body-work full or part-time or are you in school, about to attend etc ? i do body work at least a few times a week, though rarely if ever for pay. i have gone to some school for massage and the related feilds, but am taking a break right now to earm more money. i am getting my master's reiki attunment within a month or so after four years of much practice 5 first degree attunments and 2 second degree attunments.

How many years practicing ? i've done massage as a hoby of sorts sense i was quite small and my aunt taught me some massage as she was in school at the time.

Does your area require licensing or certification? (if so, number of hours) yes it does, and i can't bring to mind the number of hours needed of the top of my head, but i remeber hearing it is one of the most hours needed in the country.

What kind of body-worker do you consider yourself (general title) ? um... healing assistant? really, i suppose i am more a reiki practitioner(soon to be master) more then anything else.

Degrees, Certifications, License if any ? 5 first degree reiki, two second degree reiki. no licence for me as of yet though.

Member of any organizations ? nope.

Modalities used: little bits and peaces from many.

Name of school(s) (if applicable)?

Types of body-work you are interested in learning about? i want to learn more then the one year of accupressure and chinese medicine i have taken. i'll never stop wishing to understand more about reiki, the human body, or non drug related healing.

Do you now or are you interested in billing Insurance ?

What drew you to body-work? it is something i have always done that has given a feeling of joy and being able to help others...

Where do you do your work ie. private homes, your home, medical office/health center, spa, other ? my group of hands of light tends to work raves in oregon. i've done other fun gigs just about anywhere people want a free massage or reiki.

Do you consider your work's focus more on healing injuries, relaxation/pampering, emotional, or spiritual work ? all of the above.

Do you use tools, crystals, stones, water, aromatherapy, bach flower essenses etc ? generally i tend not to use tools of any sort, but there have been times when i felt motivated to use such things as stones or crystals, and oils.

Other areas of interest/hobbies : spirituality, the study of humanity, phylosophy, religion, nature, animals, electronics, video games, anime, adventure, misadventure, love, and understanding.

Any other comments, tidbits about yourself or questions that you think might be added here ? too tired. i am sure i could find it in me to ramble about myself if people actually wanted to hear it, but i need sleep for work tomarrow morning.

hallo and goodnight everyone.
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