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I think this is the place that requests bios....hehehhee


Name: Nathan Jacobson

State or Country where you live: Menomonie, WI USA....St. Cloud, MN USA during the school year.

Do you presently do body-work full or part-time or are you in school, about to attend etc ? When I get the opportunity. I'm currently a college student at St. Cloud State University, double major in psychology and music. Pursuing a career in clinical hypnotherapy and perhaps life coaching.

How many years practicing? Year and a half I believe (consciously)

Does your area require licensing or certification? (if so, number of hours) I'm not "professional" yet.

What kind of body-worker do you consider yourself (general title)? Reiki Master/massage therapist/energy re-structurer/accupresurist...hehehe

Degrees, Certifications, License if any ? Kundalini Reiki Master. Oshune Reiki 3rd Level practitioner. Miscellaneous Reiki Form Master. Past lives Reiki Master.

Member of any organizations ? I wish.

Modalities used: Reiki, Massage, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, my own energy modalities

Name of school(s) (if applicable)? NA

Types of body-work you are interested in learning about? Any. Particularly the Brennan Science of Healing

Do you now or are you interested in billing Insurance ? No.

What drew you to body-work? I had a "spontaneous" and enormous spiritual awakening on January 1st 2004 at 12:00 a.m. Since then I've been rapidly progressing down a path of spiritual awakening, psychic development, and personal/spiritual transformation and ascension.

Where do you do your work ie. private homes, your home, medical office/health center, spa, other ? People's homes, public places, wherever I happen to be and help is needed.

Do you consider your work's focus more on healing injuries, relaxation/pampering, emotional, or spiritual work ? I do it all.

Do you use tools, crystals, stones, water, aromatherapy, bach flower essenses etc ? At times I utilize tools such as a wand, or crystals. I almost always use my massage table, and space cleansing/clearing spray.

Other areas of interest/hobbies : Paranormal investigation, “ghosts,” Magick, the spirit world, pleiadies, the current energetic shifts on the earth planes, and much more.

Any other comments, tidbits about yourself or questions that you think might be added here ? I'm a 20 year old what you would call “Indigo.” It's just another label (I've got about 25 I can use...), so I use it (them) sparsely. I have a lot of progress to make, and I've made just as much!

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