Prem K. Neote (flemmypremmy) wrote in handsoflight,
Prem K. Neote

group healing re: Tsunamis in SE Asia

hi all,

you all know about the recent catastrophe that has happened in South East Asia, sadly killing 60,000.
Most of the world is glued to the News to get updated. Some people know someone was in the area affected at the time.

I would like to request all of you to send reiki or healing energy to south east asia, as a community, because at these times, there's no point in merely saying "it's not fair, how bad this is" we have to take the responsibility and at least do our best to make everything better.

Would anyone like a specific time to send reiki or healing energy or does every one want to do this at their own time?
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I think probably own time is better, with an option on an agreed time if that is practical.
You may want to know about these sites:
Now that the death toll is up to 162,000 I feel moved to act, but can't afford a monetary donation. My MT friend and I are organizing a Massage-a-thon in my town to raise money to give to Red Cross. Of course I'm also sending healing energy that way.