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Because it's come up a couple times this week...

What are folks thoughts/opinions/experiences with the "Healing Crisis"? A friend and I have been discussing it (I'm a student of Reiki, and she is reiki and chiropractic) and the ways that the Universe seems to throw curveballs at you when you are working with a new concept. Not only health related, but also basic interactions (both of us shortly after we received our Reiki attunements underwent massive life changes). I'm curious where others stand on the matter.
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One of the side effects of receiving Reiki, or any other Healing Modality, Attunements, is that you are now healing yourself. Think about it, if your attuned to Reiki, don’t you have a perpetual Reiki treatment running? After all, you can use Reiki on Self with Intent, why not passively? So then with the energy flowing, is it any surprise that a great deal becomes dislodged in ones life? Whenever I attune someone, I always warn them of these side effects. But then, they wouldn’t have found me to attune them if it wasn’t’ in their path ;)