charan_s (sharan_s) wrote in handsoflight,

Introduction: I'm new

I am Sharan, and I am a clinical hypnotherapist, reiki master and also use the advanced soundwave energy system (an ancient Egyptian technique). Initially I was started out in the working world as a clinical scientist working in the field of genetics after having obtained an MSc in Human Genetics. However, as time went by, my interest in the holistic healing system increased due to personal circumstances. That was how I got into what I do now, which I completely enjoy.

I like to incoporate the advanced soundwave energy into my hypnotherapy work as I feel that it allows me to have the holistic approach to the therapy session. The advanced soundwave energy works on the whole energy system and continues to do so for three weeks after. That is why I feel that giving the client this treatment along with the hypnotherapy caters for both mind and all energy bodies.

I'm new to LiveJournal, and I will do my best to continue writing in my blog and to this community and to allow those who read to go into more detail of the experiences and new learnings that I receieve from my patients and the world around me - it's not only them receiving from me, but me receiving from them too. So I look forward to sharing what I experience and learn.

Till then, Namaste.
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