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Hands of Light

A Resource for Bodyworkers

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This is a new community for the Bodyworkers, Massage Therapists, Reiki practitioners, and all others working or interested in touch therapy. Discussion of various healing techniques, energy work, and stress & pain relief are welcomed. Also special attention will be given to nurturing the healer.

This is not a place to attempt to diagnosis problems, suggestions on dealing with pain and stress are welcome but in the case of chronic or painful problems: Please consult your physician.

All are welcome......

Let us know about yourself using this nify survey :


State or Country where you live:

Do you presently do body-work full or part-time or are you in school, about to attend etc ?

How many years practicing ?

Does your area require licensing or certification? (if so, number of hours)

What kind of body-worker do you consider yourself (general title) ?

Degrees, Certifications, License if any ?

Member of any organizations ?

Modalities used:

Name of school(s) (if applicable)?

Types of body-work you are interested in learning about?

Do you now or are you interested in billing Insurance ?

What drew you to body-work?

Where do you do your work ie. private homes, your home, medical office/health center, spa, other ?

Do you consider your work's focus more on healing injuries, relaxation/pampering, emotional, or spiritual work ?

Do you use tools, crystals, stones, water, aromatherapy, bach flower essenses etc ?

Other areas of interest/hobbies :

Any other comments, tidbits about yourself or questions that you think might be added here ?